Social Criteria

Human Rights

Human Rights are one of the fundamental pillars of Prosegur's business project. Therefore, we take an active position in their respect and protection and promote them as an essential element and guide in the development of all our activities.


Prosegur works with suppliers and clients who share its philosophy; therefore, Prosegur's commitment to Human Rights extends to them, who must accept, abide by and comply with both: the Prosegur Code of Ethics and Conduct and the Human Rights Policy.

Our Commitments

Health and Safety

Prosegur ensures the life, liberty and personal safety of all members of its business environment and of those who may be affected by the activities it develops. 

No discrimination

Prosegur ensures the absence of any type of discrimination in its environment, granting special protection to any vulnerable group.

Relationship with employees

Prosegur's relationship with its employees is a priority for the company and is governed by the principles of justice, equity, dignity and respect.

Professional Development 

Prosegur seeks to be the best environment for personal and professional growth for people. Based on this, there are different career plans and development opportunities within the organization.


To ensure respect for Human Rights, Prosegur has systematized the management of due diligence based on the continuous improvement cycle. This ensures that potential negative impacts on the matter can be identified, prevented, mitigated and repaired effectively.

In this way, the company embraces one of the recommendations made by the OECD National Contact Point, from where it has subsequently valued the integration of Human Rights carried out by Prosegur in its business activity. 



Since 2018, the evaluation and identification of Prosegur's impact on Human Rights has been adapted, obtaining a Risk Map that identifies possible sources of risk and serves as a basis for planning the measures to correct them.


The implementation of measures provided in the planning involves all levels of the organization. 


Prosegur has the necessary tools for quantitative and qualitative control of compliance with respect for Human Rights. All of this is supervised by the internal audit and compliance committees. 


The possible human rights violations detected and the processes that have proven to be deficient or improvable for the protection of Human Rights are corrected.