Responsibility and Commitment

Our position as a global leader in private security means we have a responsibility to work hard to elevate the standards of the sector as a whole. Our commitment to reducing our environmental impact, generating quality employment, ensuring the health and safety of our workers, complying with regulations and respecting human rights and good governance, all show that we lead by example.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Sustainable development goals


We integrate SDOs into our global strategy as an opportunity for growth and dialogue with the various groups involved, with the aim of encouraging a transformation towards a more sustainable society.

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In this way, we indirectly contribute to the large majority of the objectives and targets, and we keep our company’s sights focused on five specific aims in relation to our activities.

The Global Compact


We comply with the United Nations Global Compact, an initiative that promotes Ten Principles relating to human rights, workers’ rights, the environment and the fight against corruption.


Social criteria<br/>

Environmental Criteria

We establish policies with commitments and targets for environmental management across our businesses and the countries in which we operate.

Investors & Shareholders

Social Criteria

Human capital is the fundamental basis for our model for growth. We work hard to ensure our sector is respected and we help society to appreciate the social function of our professionals.

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Governance Criteria

Ethical conduct and compliance with regulations in the markets in which we operate are a key part of our business strategy.

Annual Reports

Our annual reports reflect our major milestones and activities throughout the year.


We form part of the leading socially responsible investment index, FTSE4Good.

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