Prosegur Tech Ventures

Prosegur's Corporate Venture Capital

What do we do?

Disruptive innovation from Prosegur to develop future technological leaders.
Addressing the challenges facing the security industry, supported by cutting-edge technologies.

Prosegur Tech Ventures is at the forefront of the technological revolution that is evolving the security, cybersecurity and financial solutions industry. We are looking for extraordinary founders and teams, with unique visions on how to revolutionise the industry.

Investment Criteria

Tickets from €1–3M

Funds set aside for future rounds

We either lead or accompany the investment

Startups in growth phase

Global scope

Aligned with our business lines

Direct Investment Portfolio

Direct Investment

How do we help?

We open the doors to Prosegur:

  • Access to our extensive customer base.
  • Access to our product and innovation platforms.
  • Strong positioning in the security and technology industries.
  • Customer confidence associated with a world leader in security.
  • Prosegur as customer: pilot tests and long-term contracts.
  • Experience in M&A transactions.
  • Strong brand enhancement.
  • Access to unique cybersecurity competencies.
  • Management team committed to each investment.