3P Management System

Our formal management framework reflects our ambition to offer the highest quality standards.

3P Global Management System


Applies to all employees in each of the different business divisions and areas of support for the company.

Specific 3P Management System


The global standards are supplemented with specific policies and processes for each business and country, depending on its activity and the legal requirements of each market.

Successful 3P Management System

The key to success

Thanks to 3P, we can ensure standardisation, efficient resource management and continuous improvement of processes.

We set internal standards or rules of the game. The global policies implemented include those relating to customers, quality, corporate social responsibility, health and safety in the workplace, environmental management, financial reporting standards and financial information reliability controls.

Our way of working includes customer experience management. We analyse and make decisions about improvement based on the results of customer satisfaction and recommendations (NPS index or % of clients willing to recommend - % clients not willing to recommend). We use global tools such as Right Now, Intrack and CEM to obtain information continuously, detect opportunities for improvement and act quickly.

We also measure internal customer satisfaction to guide our efforts in improving the services provided by departments that support teams in different businesses.

We focus on the effective and efficient management of our key processes, documenting them in a simple, practical way and encouraging business teams to use process indicators, helping to facilitate monitoring and compliance with the set standards of service.

Risk analysis for key processes helps to drive the adoption of control measures and actions that ensure processes are as robust as possible.

Agility and efficiency or the capacity to respond are key in our customer relations, and this philosophy has been well internalised by Prosegur teams from all different business divisions. The 3P system reflects the continuous development of processes and excellent customer service.

We measure agility and efficiency both in terms of response to customer requests and complaints management.

The 3P system is a true reflection of our commitment and actions relating to innovation and improvement, and offers a framework or reference point that directs and supports our efforts for improvement in favour of what the customer needs, as well as justifying the need, evaluating the efficiency of the actions taken and sustaining the improvements made in the long term.