Prosegur: Safety in numbers

Key figures




Sales in 2023




2023 Net profit

Prosegur Security

14 Countries
+ 100000 Security guards
14 iSOC

Prosegur Cash

20 Countries
+ 100000 ATMs
+ 10000 Vehicles

Prosegur Alarms

9 Countries
+ 850000 Alarms connected
+ 23000 Geolocated devices


12 Countries
+ 700 Malicious actors tracked every day
4 Our own SOCs

Prosegur AVOS TECH

6 countries
+ 100 clients
+ 3000 employees

Prosegur around the world

With a presence in 31 countries, we are constantly striving for solid geographical development so that we can maintain a position of leadership in the markets where we operate. To achieve this, we adapt global best practices to match the unique nature of each market, in a highly regulated sector for which legislation varies from country to country.


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