AVOS Tech, Technology and Processes​


At AVOS Tech we ensure the efficient management of processes, increasing their quality and strengthening the sustainability of the business through the most advanced technological solutions.​

Technology for the Management of Banking and Insurance Processes​

We have more than 10 years of experience digitizing and automating business processes in financial institutions and insurance companies, mainly through customized solutions and a complete portfolio of proprietary solutions.​

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Back Office Innovation​

We offer our clients a complete value proposition to drive innovation in the banking and insurance back office. We are specialists in technology based on Business Intelligence, Process Automation and RPA, Data Analytics and Cloud infrastructure.

Customer Support

Contact Center Technology​

We develop technology to improve efficiency in the areas of customer service and sales. Through our platforms, clients can manage interactions with customers, prospects, digital leads, social media, etc., ensuring complete integration with their information systems.

Business risk analysis

Own Software Portfolio​

We have a competitive portfolio of proprietary software: AMLcheck (AML software), ERFcheck (bank reconciliation), SISnet (insurance core), SegurSign (electronic signature), as well as different solutions for document verification and power of attorney through Artificial Intelligence based technology.​

Our extensive experience in outsourcing services, together with our advanced technology and a multidisciplinary team, make us leaders in specialist business solutions.

AVOS Tech added value

Fast time to Market
Quick time to market
E2E Digital Processes
Digital E2E processes
Guarantee of maximum efficiency
Maximum efficiency guaranteed
Intelligent Risk Management
Intelligent risk management
Trust, Transparency and Closeness
Confidence, transparency and a close working relationship
Long-term partners
Long term partners


AVOS Tech provides extensive technological expertise for the efficient management of business processes, depending on each sector of activity.​

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Banking and financial institutions

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Insurance companies

Other sectors (Real Estate, Utilities)


We are present in 6 countries with the challenge of offering high value-added services. To do so, we adapt the best global practices to the uniqueness of each market, in a highly regulated sector that varies according to the legislation of each country.