Prosegur AVOS: Efficiency and Competitiveness

Prosegur AVOS

In Prosegur AVOS (Added-Value Outsourcing Services), we are specialists in guiding our customers through the digital transformation process. We help them to redesign, automate and outsource their business processes through our highly qualified teams and the latest advanced technology. 

Added-Value Outsourcing Services

We provide you with our service for outsourcing business processes, with the aim of helping you to improve operational management, boosting the customer experience and improving competitiveness.

Trusted company

Back Office

We are prepared to take on the administrative and business support tasks that are essential for ensuring that your organisation is properly managed.

Customer Support

Front Office

Our team can take on a range of customer services, as well as carrying out actions and campaigns aimed at attaining business objectives.

Business risk analysis


We have the latest advanced technology to carry out business processes and risk management, both regulatory and operational.

Our extensive experience in outsourcing services, together with our advanced technology and a multidisciplinary team, make us leaders in specialist business solutions.

Prosegur AVOS added value

Fast time to Market
Quick time to market
E2E Digital Processes
Digital E2E processes
Guarantee of maximum efficiency
Maximum efficiency guaranteed
Intelligent Risk Management
Intelligent risk management
Trust, Transparency and Closeness
Confidence, transparency and a close working relationship
Long-term partners
Long term partners


AVOS provides extensive experience in outsourcing services to offer specialized business solutions in various sectors of activity.

security made for you

Banking and financial institutions

Concerned for your safety

Insurance companies

Other sectors (Real Estate, Utilities)

Prosegur AVOS 

We are present in 6 countries with the challenge of offering high value-added services. To do so, we adapt the best global practices to the uniqueness of each market, in a highly regulated sector that varies according to the legislation of each country.