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Explore Prosegur's cutting-edge innovation solutions around the latest trends in Robotics, Cybersecurity, RPA, Crypto, Video Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

Video Analytics

During our recent discussion, we explored the exciting advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) applied to video analytics and how this technology is being leveraged by the Alarms business to enhance customer service. To gain valuable insights into this topic, we were joined by two industry experts: Miguel Ángel Nuño, Product Development and Innovation Manager in Video and AI at Prosegur Alarms, and Sergio Sellers, Product Manager of Computer Vision at Telefónica.

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In addition to our discussions on Robotics, Cybersecurity, and RPA, we now shift our focus to the Crypto and Blockchain world. Joining us is José Ángel Fernández, the Corporate Director of Prosegur Cash, to shed light on how Prosegur can assist financial institutions in safely managing the custody of cryptoassets.

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Welcome to the third installment of "Innovation for a Safer World". In this video, we'll be exploring the impact of hyper-automation and robotics on the labor market. Our guest for today is Jason Pais, the Chief Technology Officer of Prosegur AVOS, who will be sharing his insights on this important topic.

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How do we protect companies from digital attacks? In this second video of "Innovation for a safer world" we delve into the world of cybersecurity. This time we have Carlos Fernández, Senior VP of Global Services at CIPHER,  as our guest speaker for this session.

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In our first video, we discuss the application of Robotics and its relevance to our iSOC in managing security for large events. Joining us are Luis Baptista, Operations Director of Prosegur Security in Portugal, and Paul Cisternelli, Enterprise Channel Sales Director at Boston Dynamics, who will be sharing their insights.

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Artificial Intelligence

In this video, Javier Cabrerizo, Global General Manager of Prosegur, discusses the synergy between Artificial Intelligence and highly skilled professionals in driving innovation and maintaining service excellence. He is joined by Pedro Moneo, CEO and Founder of Opinno, and Alberto Granados, President of Microsoft Spain, as they explore this topic.

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