Our Commitments: No discrimination

No discrimination

Prosegur ensures the absence of any type of discrimination in its environment, granting special protection to any vulnerable group.

Diversity among employees is promoted and equal opportunities in access to work and career advancement are guaranteed, both within Prosegur, and among its suppliers and collaborating entities. Likewise, it is committed to maintaining a work environment free from harassment, abuse, intimidation or violence.

To this end, Prosegur is developing various initiatives both globally and locally, among which the following are noteworthy:

The Ethical Channel is available so that employees and interested third parties can communicate, confidentially and anonymously, any irregularity of potential importance in the field of Human Rights, giving specific treatment to all complaints related to aspects of harassment and discrimination. Guaranteeing the legal protection of both the complainant and the channel.

The Sustainability, Corporate Governance and Appointments and Remuneration Committee (SCGARC) supervises and ensures compliance with Prosegur's objectives in terms of diversity and reports to the Board of Directors on issues related to inclusion and gender diversity.