Innovative Products

We focus on innovation to develop products that meet the expectations and needs of our customers.

Product Management

We apply technologies that meet the customer's needs. The Product Manager empathises with the customer, technical team and business, and is a facilitator and translator of needs.

Key innovative products

Prosegur Crypto

The most secure and advanced crypto-asset custody solution for the institutional market.

360-degree cameras

Intelligent Recognition detects and distinguishes people, pets, and recognises the sounds of sirens, crying, barking and glass.

Business Continuity with IoT

We use real-time monitoring and analysis of multiple variables and signals related to our clients' operations to react to incidents and support business decision making.

Intellectual Property

Innovation is the basis for economic growth, with the Intellectual Property (IP) system helping companies to commercialise their assets and ensure an economic return.
Prosegur has a robust Corporate IP Policy.

Intellectual Property Committee

The committee oversees the Corporate IP Policy and makes decisions on management and marketing strategy.

The Committee comprises representatives from the Innovation Division, Global Strategy and Development Division, Global Media Management Division, Global Human Resources Division, Tax Division, Global Institutional Relations Division, Marketing Division and Legal Division.

Intellectual Property Management Office

Contact point for the protection of creations, works and innovations and for all IP-related matters:

  • IP dissemination and awareness-raising activities.
  • Relationship management with creators.
  • Negotiation and management of Intellectual and Industrial Property.