Our Biding Corporate Rules (BCRs)

PROSEGUR is a company with an international presence on 5 continents, which may require the exchange of information between the diverse Group entities located in diverse geographical areas, both inside and outside the European Economic Area (EEA).


In order to comply with regulatory requirements in the field of Privacy, PROSEGUR has developed and implemented its own Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs), which aim to set the guidelines to be followed within the Group and provide legal security in International Data Transfers. The BCRs act as the personal data protection policies within the Group, which are assumed and obligatory for all entities located inside the EEA whose activity requires the carrying out of International Transfers of personal data to one or more third countries.


If you are interested in consulting the Binding Corporate Rules of the PROSEGUR Group, you can find them at the following links:

To consult the list of PROSEGUR Group entities that are adhered to the BCRs, please click here.


For any questions or additional information about the PROSEGUR Group´s BCRs, please contact our Data Protection Officer by sending an email to the following address: dpo@prosegur.com.