ISOC: the technological and human response to the threats of the 21st century

Prosegur launches one of the most sophisticated Intelligent Security Operations Centres (iSOC) on the planet, offering unprecedented management efficiency thanks to the pooling of data, technologies and people.

"It's a security nerve centre and a crisis centre that combines cutting-edge technologies, intelligence and data analysis together with the management of specially-trained professionals to raise the standard of our hybrid security to the level of the threats that companies face today". This is how Manuel Rodríguez, Chief Technology Officer of Prosegur Security, defines the new iSOC (Intelligent Security Operations Centres). Recently inaugurated in Madrid, it centralises the management of all the company's technologies and tools, such as the Prosegur Security Operating Platform (POPS) and more than 300,000 devices ranging from cameras, alarms and sensors — motion, thermal, fire, CO2, etc.— to biometric identification applications, panic buttons and home automation units, with our Genzai platform playing a central role in the integration of all this technology, in addition to the mobile communication systems of more than 26,000 guards. 

We are talking about an unprecedented technological architecture, capable of remotely controlling more than 25,000 facilities in any sector, including small shops and large shopping centres in the retail sector, industries and logistics centres, corporate headquarters, banking networks and strategic infrastructure such as power generation plants, as well as museums, institutional buildings and even public transport.


Intelligence increases prevention   

The iSOC ensures a qualitative leap in preventive protection because technological and human intelligence strengthen each other. Specialised security AI - developed or adapted by Prosegur in both cameras and sensors and in the analysis of its enormous wealth of data - generates pre-alerts when it anticipates a risk or a suspicious pattern. At that moment, the iSOC professionals take action to manage the threat through protocols perfected from experience and the data analysis itself, implying a natural model of continuous improvement. Its efficiency in both prevention and reaction is reflected in this figure: the centre manages 1.2 million alarms each month to immediately discriminate against false alarms, and manage scarcely 1%.

The professionals on the other side of the screen who are selected with the utmost care for their technical training, but also for other skills and experiences that are aligned with the needs of our activity.


For this combination of technology, data and people to deliver its full potential - AI enhances the capabilities of our operators - "the professionals on the other side of the screen who are selected with the utmost care for their technical training, but also for other skills and experiences that are aligned with the needs of our activity", explains Manuel Rodriguez. In addition to their technological training and ability to concentrate, they are trained to react with aplomb in extreme situations to hasten the response of Prosegur and, if necessary, of the security or emergency services.

The staff of 300 professionals is rounded off with intelligence analysts responsible for perfecting the preventive strategy for each sector, based on the updated patterns and trends defined by data analysis, or by the Prosegur engineering and development team that designs customers' security projects. Actually, the company's entire knowledge is pooled in the iSOC, from the unique experience in each market to the R&D department and the enhanced cybersecurity layer that shields communications and customer information.


All information available to the team

The data that technology and human experience transform into knowledge are, therefore, the principal asset. And in all respects: are the feedback that enables both the security strategy for each client and operations on the ground to be optimised, since the entire team, right down to the last guard, is in constant contact with the information or the iSOC technicians to define the appropriate response to any incident.

This is the case because advanced data analysis extends far beyond security. Firstly, it provides the keys for the protection of people and goods, for example if organised gangs develop new types of assaults, what products or facilities are the new targets, the hottest areas in establishments or suspicious movements on perimeters. But it also generates dashboards available to customers that enable them to improve their corporate management. For example, on monitoring occupational safety or environmental management measures, the logistics system to prevent fraud or accidents and the public's response to different sales strategies.

We are talking about the iSOC in Madrid because it is the largest centre, but its model is global, as befits the size of the Group. Prosegur deploys a total of 13 iSOCs with the same characteristics and keys for their markets, which they operate 24 x 7, 365 days per year, and share information, technology and experience to improve the management of them all. In case of extreme need and with the relevant official permits, they could even assume local management from another iSOC to ensure the continuity of their own business and that of customers.