Basic Information

Data Controller: Prosegur SIS Germany GmbH (hereinafter "PROSEGUR").

Main purpose of processing: to establish, maintain and manage the commercial and contractual relationship.

Legitimisation basis: The data is processed mainly on the basis of the execution of a contract or pre-contractual measures between you and PROSEGUR, the consent given or, where applicable, the legitimate interest.

Recipient of the data:

  • Third parties to whom PROSEGUR is obliged to transfer data, such as public authorities, security forces, judges and courts, in order to comply with the requirements of said authorities, if any, and to comply with applicable regulations.
  • Companies of the group of companies to which Prosegur belongs (hereinafter "PROSEGUR Group") as a result of the administrative procedures and IT processes in place within the PROSEGUR Group.

Data protection rights: you may withdraw the consent granted at any time for the personal data processing activities performed by PROSEGUR and exercise, at your discretion, your rights of access, amendment, erasure, limitation or opposition to data processing, data portability, and not being subject to automated decisions, as indicated in the section on “Your Data Protection Rights” in our Privacy Policy.

Additional Information 1. Data Controller

1.1 Information of the Data Controller

This document establishes the privacy policy of the PROSEGUR website (hereinafter referred to as the "Website").

Prosegur Security, the guard services and technology business unit, targets companies and offers services specialised in the relevant industries. 
For your information, the company's key data are given below:

Prosegur SIS Germany GmbH (hereinafter "PROSEGUR").
Kokkolastrasse 5, 40882 Ratingen 

1.2 Scope

This Privacy Policy sets out the data processing carried out by PROSEGUR in relation to users who access or contact PROSEGUR through the website. The above information relates to the processing of personal data and/or potential customers who access or submit data via the website.

This Privacy Policy thus reflects the information on data processing in relation to the different categories of data subjects mentioned above.

2. Purposes and Legitimisation

You are hereby informed that any data PROSEGUR requests or may request from you for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy is necessary and that it will be impossible to contact you or process your request to PROSEGUR if you refuse to provide this data. In addition, PROSEGUR reserves the right not to respond to or process requests that do not contain the requested data.

They guarantee the accuracy of the personal data communicated to PROSEGUR.

On the website you will find useful information to inform you about the services offered by PROSEGUR. In this sense, PROSEGUR only requests the data from you that is necessary for the respective contractually concluded service or for the establishment and maintenance of the commercial or contractual relationship with you.

The following describes the different purposes for which your personal data is processed on the legal basis for processing:

i. Authority to execute the service contract between you and PROSEGUR using the pre-contractual measures:

a. Managing the commercial relationship with potential customers, visits for commercial purposes and handling requests for information on products and services offered by PROSEGUR.

b. Establishing the contractual relationship, i.e. concluding and signing contracts.

c. Managing the contractual relationship with the clients of the PROSEGUR Group and ensuring the provision of the contracted services, including provision and installation and technical assistance, as well as invoicing, billing and deregistration of the same.

ii. Authority through express consent:

a. Sending communications for commercial purposes in connection with the various products and services by any medium, including electronic means.

b. Assignment of personal data to companies of the PROSEGUR Group and third party companies for the purpose of sending correspondence for advertising purposes.

iii. Authority based on PROSEGUR's legitimate interests:

a. Sending communications for commercial purposes and processing related to similar products and services contracted by customers with the PROSEGUR Group. In this case, PROSEGUR's legitimate interest is based on informing you about products and services that may be of interest to you.

b. Access to publicly available financial solvency files to check whether you are meeting your payment obligations, whether payments are outstanding and how long it may have taken you to pay them in the past. This simplifies the process of risk analysis of potential clients. In this case, PROSEGUR's legitimate interest is to maintain the security of its business and prevent fraud.

c. The implementation of automation projects of negotiation procedures to improve the products and services offered by PROSEGUR. In this case, the legitimate interest is to improve the efficiency and productivity of PROSEGUR's operations.

3. Recipients

The personal data you have provided to PROSEGUR may be disclosed to the following types of recipients:

  • Third parties to whom PROSEGUR is obliged to transfer data, such as public authorities, security forces, judges and courts, in order to comply with the requirements of said authorities, if any, and to comply with applicable regulations.
  • Companies of the group of companies to which Prosegur belongs (hereinafter "PROSEGUR Group") as a result of the administrative procedures and IT processes in place within the PROSEGUR Group.

Likewise, we inform you that the PROSEGUR Group may have Entities outside the European Economic Area, to which, as a result of the provision of services or the administrative process management, the transfer of personal data may be required. In these cases, PROSEGUR has elaborated and implemented the Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs) of the PROSEGUR Group throughout the organisation, which provides a high level of security and legal certainty in the international transfer of data between the different entities of the group.

You can access the public version of the BCRs of the Prosegur Group through the following link: Privacy Policy: Binding Corporate Rules |

4. Data Retention

The criteria used by PROSEGUR to determine retention periods of your data have been established in accordance with the requirements of legislation, regulations and recommendations of applicable regulations, as well as operational requirements of PROSEGUR related to the proper management of the relationship with the existing or potential customer.

Your data will not be kept for longer than six years after the termination of any contractual relationship that may exist between you and PROSEGUR. This period for the retention of blocked data has been set in accordance with the regulations in force. However, in the event of legal proceedings relating to you, your data may be kept for a longer period, pending the final court decision. Once the said period has expired, your data will be deleted.

5. Your Data Protection Rights

You may contact PROSEGUR at any time, as required, to exercise your rights of access, rectification, erasure, restriction and opposition, as well as the portability of your data and against its processing as the subject of automated decisions, by writing to Prosegur SIS Germany GmbH at Kokkolastrasse 5, 40882 Ratingen, Germany, or to the following e-mail address:

We hereby inform you that you may revoke the consent given at any time at your discretion by contacting PROSEGUR at the above address or e-mail address.

Finally, if you wish to receive further information about your data protection rights or to lodge a complaint, please note that you can contact the relevant data protection authority for this purpose. 

6. Data Security

PROSEGUR has an appropriate policy and technical and organisational measures in place to protect your personal data against unauthorised or unlawful access and accidental loss, destruction or damage, unauthorised or unlawful use or disclosure.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, users are cautioned that any transmission of data over the Internet can never be completely secure and is therefore at your own risk. Although we use our best efforts to protect your personal data, PROSEGUR cannot guarantee the security of personal data transmitted via our website.

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