Alarms with Video Verification

Your business is always protected

Prosegur protects your business and store thanks to its new systems with video verification. The security system will send a signal to Prosegur’s Monitoring Centre, that visualizes the scene and verifies the alarm activation, checking whether it is a real alarm in order to activate an alarm response operation

Main features and advantages

  • Image quality: The detector captures high quality images to verify whether there is intrusion or not. We do not call our customers if it is not necessary.
  • Motion sensor with colour camera for video verification: upon detecting motion, it immediately captures a video and sends a signal to the Monitoring Centre.
  • Video detectors with night vision: thanks to the infrared leds we guarantee the recording of images in the dark without the intruder noticing the detector.
  • External security with images recording that allow to anticipate an intrusion.
  • Privacy guarantee: the camera activates only in case the alarms triggers. Otherwise, Prosegur cannot have access to the cameras.
  • Long lasting battery: in case of power outage the central will go on working normally. This is of vital importance on holidays or when the premises are empty.
  • Integrated security systems that can be controlled from mobile devices: remotely arm or disarm the alarm both totally or partially and receive live images of what is happening wherever you are.
  • State-of-the-art IT systems that allow the remote detection of faults.
  • The highest service quality.

Prosegur Smart

Smart is the platform for Android, iOS mobile devices and for personal computers that allows the full remote control of your Prosegur security systems.