Innovation Days: the Prosegur of the future is here

The fourth edition of the company's Innovation Days illustrate its commitment to offering technological solutions with high differential value, focusing on talent inside and outside the organisation and implementing the latest technologies.

The company is aware that all teams must be involved if it is to continue to spearhead innovation. To this end, the Prosegur Corporate University is an essential guide. This is a powerful tool that allows the company's 150,000 employees to constantly update their knowledge. All this knowledge that they have at their disposal is disseminated through the The Best Rocket ideation programme. Under the premise of promoting innovative ideas from its professionals, the first edition brought together more than 1,100 proposals in its last call, which involved more than 6,900 employees from 21 different countries. And please note: there will be another edition of this programme at the start of 2022.

Which, in addition, continues with The Explorer Rocket, Prosegur's intrapreneurship programme which develops the solutions selected in The Best Rocket. In 2020, five groups were formed with a total of 27 participants, who have received specific training and preparation to carry out five product proposals.

But in a context in which the needs of customers are changing every day, the support of the entrepreneurial ecosystem is required to continue driving innovation. The COME IN open innovation programme is a clear example. This initiative, of which there have already been two editions, has enabled solutions with a high technological component to be co-created in partnership with start-ups in response to challenges posed by the business areas. In the last edition, the company received 155 applications and five proposals were selected, which are currently being developed so that they can be integrated into the company's operations.

Next year the company will have an unwavering focus on innovation. It will remain fully committed to open innovation and will launch a new initiative, The Pioneer Rocket, to investigate new business opportunities that may be viable in the near future.

In addition, the innovation teams of the business areas will work in conjunction with the Tech Studios. Prosegur currently has three Tech Studios, the first of which is the  Artificial Intelligence and Data Tech Studio. The second is the Internet of Things Tech Studio and the third is the GenzAI Platform and new technologies Tech Studio. All of them collaborate on the development of new products that are being progressively incorporated into the company's catalogue of products and services.

GenzAI will evolve further next year, with the development of new products that bring Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things to business areas such as Prosegur Security and Prosegur Alarms. As a result of this work, the Process Monitoring product has been launched this year to help our customers achieve the continuity of their business in Prosegur Security. Another new product developed at Prosegur Alarms is the Intelligent Alarm, which transforms the video cameras in our homes into smart devices that send notifications to warn you what is happening in them, thanks to Artificial Intelligence.


What to expect in 2022

Innovation is part of Prosegur's DNA and the company has held the latest edition of its Innovation Days. An event during which, for two days, all Prosegur's professionals found out first-hand how the company works to continue designing the security of the future thanks to the creation of new products and ideas developed with a significant technological component. Always with a focus on making the day-to-day life of its customers easier and offering a range of services tailored to their needs.

Scalable, replicable and reliable products. These three characteristics are the hallmark of any idea that Prosegur develops to offer solutions with high added-value. Innovation is the crucial element in the development of new products, ensuring that they truly stand apart. This is what has resulted in the company reaching the next stage in the development of its offer: standardising products and processes to achieve better scalability and boost growth.

The company has secured the support of the European Investment Bank, which will finance Prosegur's innovation and digitalisation strategy with a loan of EUR 57.5 million. In addition, it has launched new solutions that already account for 30% of its total revenue. Looking ahead to 2023, they will account for between 35 and 40% of sales, with the aim of representing half of the company's revenue by 2030.

The (technological) heart of this innovative culture has a name: GenzAI. This is a platform that enables the generation of new services based on various technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), process automation, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data. These new services will have applications in the fields of corporate and residential security, cybersecurity, cash management and process outsourcing.


Internal and external headhunters