Keep an eye on your business email: it is the main target of cyberattacks

Theft of credentials, phishing or fraud are just some of the possible threats when clicking on a malicious email. That's why Cipher and Proofpoint provide tips on how to use our work inbox safely.


Millions of attacks a day

A large company can receive millions of malicious emails a day. Many of these fall by the wayside, but a large number of them manage to reach people, so good training and awareness raising is essential so that they know how to identify what is a threat and what is safe. 

Proofpoint, Cipher's partner, prepares phishing campaigns to analyse the risks that users have. Sometimes incoming emails are carefully manipulated to make them look real. And they often seem to come from large multinationals offering irresistible deals. A letter in the sender's email may be changed and go unnoticed, even though the logo is the real one. 

Once the threats have been analysed, we extract the metrics and information to execute a security and awareness plan. 

That is why Cipher and Proofpoint offer free audits for those interested in testing our tools. We carry out a proof of concept and, within 15 days, we present an executive and comprehensive report in which gaps in the company's security are detected and how we can prevent them from putting the data of all the members of the organisation at risk. 

Did you know that email is the place from which organisations receive the most cyberattacks? The correct use of our work e-mail can save us and our organisations from bad things. In order to go deeper into the attacks, bad usage habits and recommendations to increase the security of the company's email, Prosegur's area specialised in cybersecurity, Cipher, and Proofpoint, a partner associated with the company, offered a webinar that you can watch in full here. 

With the experience of processing more than 3 billion emails a day, a fifth of the world's email, Proofpoint's mission is to ensure security from the millions of malicious emails that enter organisations' inboxes. Although they never act on their own: they need human activation to act. 
Employee awareness of this type of email is essential. This is why Proofpoint, of which Cipher and Prosegur are service providers, offers training to company users. Because prevention can save companies millions. 

A 2019 Verizon DBR report noted that 94% of breaches in organisations are from targeted attacks on individuals. These range from ramsonware, the most famous, to BECs, the most common, which consist of identity theft for the purpose of committing fraud. 

That is why the cybersecurity company sifts through the people within the company who tend to be attacked the most, those who hold positions of greater responsibility or who represent a risk to the organisation, as well as those who are more likely to be victims of these threats.