Money that returns

The future of promotions has arrived

We provide cashback to users for their purchases in supermarkets, online shopping, travel bookings, surveys, gift cards, among others.


Meanwhile, our data allows us to understand when, where, and what consumers purchase, enabling us to impact them with a segmented offer tailored to the strategic objectives of the brands.

Earn cash while you shop

Carro compra
Purchase Cashback

We refund a portion of purchases made at supermarkets and online retailers across over 1000 stores and retailers.

World presence
Travel Cashback

We refund users a portion of the value spent on their travels, including purchases and bookings for tickets, hotels, cars, and more.

More ways to earn

Users can earn money by completing surveys, purchasing gift cards, using services, and exploring other clever ways to earn cashback.

We turn knowledge into solutions

We specialize in consumer intelligence. We assist brands in understanding and influencing purchasing behavior while uncovering new pathways for growth.