Basic Information


Main purpose of data processing: establish, maintain and manage the commercial and contractual relationship.

Legitimisation: the data will mainly be processed on the basis of the precontractual service relationship and/or execution of the services contract between you and PROSEGUR, obtaining consent and the legitimate interest.

Recipients of the data:

  • Third parties to whom PROSEGUR is obliged to send information, including public authorities, security forces, judges and courts, in order to comply with the requirements of these authorities and the applicable regulations, where appropriate.
  • Companies within the business group to which PROSEGUR belongs (hereinafter, the “Grupo PROSEGUR”) as a result of the centralization of administrative and IT processes existing within the Grupo PROSEGUR.

Data protection rights: you may withdraw your consent for personal data processing activities performed by PROSEGUR at any time and exercise, at your discretion, your rights of access, amendment, erasure, limitation or opposition to data processing, data portability, and not to be subject to automated decisions, as indicated in the section on “Your Data Protection Rights” in our Privacy Policy.

Additional Information 1. Data Controller

1.1 Information of the Data Controller

The present document governs the privacy policy of the PROSEGUR website (hereinafter also referred to as the "Website”).

Prosegur Seguridad, the surveillance and technology business unit is aimed at the business sector, offering specialized services by activity sector. 

For your information, the identity details of the company are provided below:

Tax ID No.: 830025104-7
Address: Transversal 23 No. 95-53

Tax ID No.: 830045348-2
Address: Transversal 23 No. 95-53

Tax ID No.: 890401802-0
Address: CR 16 NO. 33 - 29

1.2 Scope

This Privacy Policy governs the data processing activities undertaken by PROSEGUR in relation to users who access or make contact with PROSEGUR via the website. The foregoing includes processing the personal data of potential customers and/or PROSEGUR customers accessing or transferring information via the website. Therefore, this privacy policy contains information on the processing of data corresponding to the different categories of the data subjects mentioned.

2. Purposes and Legitimisation

You are hereby informed that all the data that PROSEGUR requests or may request from you are required for the purposes described in this privacy policy and failing to provide them would make it impossible to contact you or handle the request made with PROSEGUR. Furthermore, PROSEGUR reserves the right to refrain from responding or handling requests that do not include the data requested.

You hereby guarantee the accuracy of the personal details provided to PROSEGUR. PROSEGUR may periodically ask that you revise and update your personal data.

Please refer to the website for more useful information about the services furnished by PROSEGUR. In this regard, PROSEGUR will only ask you for and process the data necessary to be able to commence and maintain a commercial and/or contractual relationship with you and to be able to provide the service you have contracted.

The following describes the legitimacy bases used that support the processing of your personal data, as well as their different purposes:

i. Performance of the service agreement between you and PROSEGUR or application of pre-contractual measures:

a. Manage the commercial relationship with potential clients, making commercial visits and responding to requests for information on products and services offered by PROSEGUR.

b. Formalize the contractual relationship, which will include the process of contracting and signing contracts.

c. Manage the contractual relationship with the clients of the Grupo PROSEGUR and ensure the provision of the contracted services, which includes both installation assistance and technical service, as well as billing, collection and cancellation of the same.

ii. Express consent:

a. Sending commercial communications related to different products and services in the security sector and auxiliary services by any means, including electronics.

b. Transfer of data to companies of the Grupo PROSEGUR and to third entities in the security and auxiliary services sector, in order to send you commercial communications.

iii. Legitimacy on the grounds of the legitimate interests of PROSEGUR:

a. Sending commercial communications by any means, including electronic communications, related to PROSEGUR products and services similar to those contracted. In this case, the legitimate interest of PROSEGUR is based on keeping you informed of and introducing you to products or services that may be of interest to you.

b. Requesting public economic solvency files to verify that you are up to date with your payments, whether you are in arrears, and if you had been in the past, how long it took you to pay off your debts, which will simplify and streamline the risk analysis at the time the contract is taken out. In such a case, the legitimate interest of PROSEGUR is to safeguard its own operations and prevent fraud.

c. Creating business process automation projects to enhance the products and services provided by PROSEGUR. The legitimate interest in this case would be to improve the efficiency and productivity of PROSEGUR activities.

3. Recipients

The personal data that you provide to PROSEGUR may be sent to the following recipient categories:

  • Third parties to whom PROSEGUR is obliged to send information, including public authorities, security forces, judges and courts, in order to comply with the requirements of these authorities and the applicable regulations, where appropriate.
  • Companies that form part of the Grupo PROSEGUR, in order to manage the corresponding contractual relationship appropriately as a result of the centralization of administrative and computing processes within the Grupo PROSEGUR.

You are hereby informed that the Grupo PROSEGUR may include companies outside the European Union. In these instances, the parent company requires that these companies fulfil the measures designed to protect personal data established in a binding contract, unless for instances in which the European Commission has determined that the country in which the recipient is located provides an appropriate level of personal data protection. 

4. Data Retention

The criteria that PROSEGUR uses to define the periods for storing your data have been established in line with the requirements established in the applicable legislation, regulations and guidelines, in addition to PROSEGUR operating requirements relating to the correct management of its relationship with present and/or potential customers.

Your data will not be kept for a period exceeding 10 years from the end of any possible contractual relationship between you and PROSEGUR, the previous period of conservation of the blocked data having been set in accordance with article 28 of Law 962 of 2005. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event that legal proceedings are taken against you, your data may be stored in a blocked format for the additional amount of time required until the final legal ruling is issued. Once this period comes to an end, your data will be deleted.

5. Your Data Protection Rights

You may make contact with PROSEGUR whenever you believe and retain the right to exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation, limitation and opposition, in addition to the right of portability and to not be subject to automated decisions, by writing to PROSEGUR TECNOLOGIA SAS, PROSEGUR SISTEMAS ELECTRONICOS S.A.S, or PROSEGUR VIGILANCIA Y SEGURIDAD PRIVADA LTDA, as appropriate, in Transversal 23 No. 95-53 Bogotá, or to the following email address:, attaching documentation proving your identity.

Furthermore, you are hereby informed that you may withdraw your consent whenever you so desire by contacting PROSEGUR at the address or email address mentioned above.

Finally, if you would like more information about your data protection rights or need to file a complaint, you may contact the appropriate Supervisory Authority. 

6. Data Security

PROSEGUR has appropriate policies and technical and organizational measures in place to safeguard and protect your personal data against illegal or unauthorized access, accidental loss or destruction, damage, use or illegal or unauthorized dissemination. You can obtain a copy of the measures required by PROSEGUR by contacting the Data Protection Officer.

We will also take all the reasonable measures to ensure that our staff and employees who have access to your personal data have received appropriate training.

In any case, the user is hereby informed that any disclosure of data online is not completely secure and, therefore, he/she proceeds at his/her own risk. Although we will do our utmost to protect your personal data, PROSEGUR cannot guarantee the security of the personal data sent via our website.



*In the event of any discrepancies between the Spanish and the English version, the Spanish version shall prevail.