Prosegur reports 10% growth in its security business in 2023

Madrid, January 15th, 2024.- After just one year of operations, Prosegur's Intelligent Security Operations Center (iSOC) in Madrid has helped drive the 10% growth of the company's security business. This achievement is based on iSOC’s innovative hybrid security model, which combines human talent (people) and advanced technology and strategic data management; in short, an integral and multidimensional security solution. 

The iSOC is the core of Prosegur Security's hybrid security model strategy, focusing on the integration of security professionals within a state-of-the-art technology network, cutting-edge information and intelligence essential for security and business support. This strategy has facilitated the creation of customized, flexible and constantly evolving security solutions, already adopted by more than 32% of clients. The ultimate goal is to reduce the specific risks of each client, ensuring the continuity and success of their business operations.  

Fernando Abos, CEO of Prosegur Security, explains: "iSOC is central to our Hybrid Security strategy, connecting more than 100,000 security experts and more than one million devices worldwide so as to provide our customers with security services of the highest quality and excellence." 

Prosegur's iSOC network, which now has 14 centers in key countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Portugal, United States, Spain, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Singapore and Uruguay, manages more than 1.5 million events and contextualized security data annually.” 

With the opening of 10 new iSOCs this year, we are reinforcing our commitment to innovation and adaptability in the face of today's security challenges, setting a new standard in security services worldwide," adds Abos. 

In the face of constantly evolving security risks, Prosegur remains at the forefront of the industry, standing out for its ability to adapt, innovate and progress. It is committed to offering customized, highly effective and efficient security services on a global level, developing solutions that respond to the current and future challenges of its clients.