Prosegur renews its pledge to inclusion as part of European Diversity Month

Madrid, May 22, 2023.- As part of the European Union’s third annual European Diversity Month, Prosegur has joined more than 1,500 companies in Spain and 15,000 across the region in signing up to the EU’s Diversity Charter, a ten-point call to action on diversity and inclusion in the workplace to promote social progress and economic competitiveness by carrying out research and raising awareness.

Fundación Diversidad, in collaboration with the European Commission and the Diversity Charters platform, has led this project in Spain as part of the month-long initiative organized throughout the EU’s 26 member states. This year, the main event took place on May 22 at the headquarters of the European Commission's offices in Barcelona, where a range of activities was organized by participating companies, among them conferences, workshops and exhibitions.

After signing the Diversity Charter, Maria Victoria Jiménez de Pablo, Prosegur's Global Director of Labor Relations, said: “This means taking on a public commitment in line with our values and with the policies we have been developing internally. Prosegur has been operating for many years in various territories and coexisting with very different cultures. Diversity has always been a competitive advantage for us, and promoting it is a priority."

Signing up to the charter is a way for companies to affirm their commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. It also allows them to connect with other companies to exchange best practices, while joining a broader European movement working for peace and prosperity, creating synergies with other international organizations.


Prosegur's support for this initiative reflects one of the company's main priorities: a motivating, egalitarian and diverse work environment that reflects Prosegur's values. This commitment is in addition to activities that the company has already carried out in this area.

"Diversity is part of Prosegur's DNA, and this is reflected in the success of the many initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion in all areas of the Group, both internally and externally, through various mechanisms, including talent management, culture, supplier selection, service delivery to our customers and social activities," explains María Victoria Jiménez de Pablo. She adds: "Our commitment to diversity, in its broadest sense, is projected in the growing inclusion of different groups, highlighting how we have integrated a significant number of people with disabilities in our teams. Examples such as this represent an opportunity for growth both for these people, through meaningful employment, and for the Group itself."

Inclusion as a business driver

Among Prosegur's work to promote diversity and inclusion, the creation of the Aprocor-Prosegur Special Employment Center stands out. What began as a modest industrial laundry and dry cleaning project has evolved into Prosegur's European Merchandize Consolidation and Combination Center, an ambitious project with a significant social impact. Some 70% of the workforce are people with intellectual disabilities, making this center a benchmark for successful social transformation. Curro Berral, Prosegur’s Global Director of Media Management, this initiative challenges stereotypes and highlights the value and talent that these professionals bring to the economy and society in general. Prosegur’s collaboration with Fundación Inclusión and Apoyo Aprocor not only allows these men and women to carry out productive and necessary tasks, but also helps to break down barriers and prejudices, promoting inclusion and equal opportunities in the workplace.

Prosegur has also set up the Center for Robotization, Excellence, Automation and Digitalization (Spanish acronym CREAD), where the workforce is involved in value-added tasks such as the creation of machine learning models. The plan is for people with disabilities to make up to 10% of the workforce, all part of Prosegur's long-term inclusion strategy.

At the same time, the company has also launched its global physical and emotional wellness program, Pro360, aimed at its nearly 150,000 employees in the 31 countries where Prosegur operates. Similarly, Prosegur has signed the Women's Empowerment Principles (WEP) established by the UN Global Compact and UN Women, in line with its current Strategic Plan, an initiative that underpins the company’s commitment to promote and develop female talent, as well as to increase women’s presence in the security sector. Prosegur launched the Empowered Women program in 2021, an initiative to empower women's leadership and self-promotion, while raising employee awareness of the importance of gender equality in the world of work.

"We seek to highlight this diversity and encourage employee involvement through participatory activities and very powerful internal communication policies to reach our entire workforce of 150,000 employees in every corner of the planet," says María Victoria Jiménez de Pablo.

In conclusion, Prosegur's support for the Diversity Charter within the framework of European Diversity Month reinforces the organization’s commitment to creating an inclusive and diverse work environment. Through concrete actions, such as the integration of people with disabilities, the promotion of the well-being of its employees and the promotion of female empowerment, Prosegur is putting into practice its strategic approach to diversity and equality, while driving social progress and strengthening its position in the market.