Madrid, 18 May 2021 – Prosegur is launching the second edition of COME IN, the pioneering Open Innovation programme to address the security challenges of the future. In this way, Prosegur is once again opening its doors to the talent and creativity of Spanish and foreign start-ups that can provide innovative solutions for the transformation of security activities. In the first edition, more than 300 proposals were submitted and seven start-ups began to work for Prosegur. 

COME IN is an opportunity to enter the world of security, cash management, cybersecurity and digital transformation by working hand in hand with a company that is a reference in the private security sector. The initiative is looking for start-ups that have a product or functional prototype that responds to one of the challenges laid down by the Innovation team. Prosegur is looking for companies with creative and innovative ideas that want to validate their technologies in a real environment and grow on a global scale.  

The second edition of COME IN has already laid down six challenges: four regarding the business areas – Prosegur Security, Prosegur Cash, Prosegur Alarms, Prosegur AVOS (outsourcing of high added value services), Cipher (Cybersecurity) – and one at corporate level for the Legal Department. Participants can submit their projects until 14 June. The proposals will then be evaluated by a selection committee.

Once the proposals have been evaluated, the finalist projects will be invited to participate in the Selection Day, where the start-ups will present their solutions to the selection committee and the Heads of the different areas and businesses of Prosegur. The companies selected will have the opportunity to work together with the company's business units to develop the value proposition of their product and launch a pilot test.

According to José Daniel García, Corporate Director of Innovation of Prosegur, "the first edition of COME IN was a great success. We received a whole host of innovative ideas in a context marked by uncertainty, in which security is more important than ever. We are now launching the second edition, while being fully aware that the challenge is greater than ever. The visibility that security has gained compels us to continue to raise the level of excellence and the high standards of everything that we do. In this context, we know that collaboration is essential, and we are certain that there are many innovative projects that need to be implemented and that will help us build our immediate future”.


Protecting people in recreational areas through innovative solutions
The challenge laid down by Prosegur Security is to support the reopening of the cultural and leisure sector, with the return of large events in safe and secure venues. The department is looking for innovative solutions that facilitate the identification and access of attendees in high-capacity public venues (such as theatres, cinemas, nightclubs, gyms, stadiums, etc.) by effectively combining security and privacy.

Improving fleet control through data analysis
Prosegur Cash wants to optimise the use of its data to improve the mobility of its vehicle fleet to avoid accidents, reduce environmental impact and rationalise fuel use. For this reason, they are looking for a solution that allows them to extract all the parameters of their armoured vehicles and receive early warnings of possible failures in any of the vehicles through the information transmitted to their data analysis platform.

Unlocking the full potential of data collected by security devices.
Prosegur Alarms wants to boost the analysis of data collected by its security devices. The alarm division of Prosegur is looking for ideas to detect potential risks through the information collected by the sensors in order to offer a more effective response to its customers. In addition, the solution should provide data on different variables so that users can have a fuller picture of what is happening in their home, business or vehicle.

How to map customers' financial profile to mitigate credit risk or risk of late payment. 
Prosegur AVOS, the department specialising in digital transformation through the redesign and automation of processes, is looking for a solution that, through data mining and Artificial Intelligence (AI), will provide decision making support regarding the viability of applications for credit products, loans, etc. To this end, the department is looking for a customer scoring proposal that can be integrated with current operations and offer a comprehensive risk management service.

Improving detection strategies through the use of Purple Team's automated testing in multi-soc environments.
Cipher, Prosegur’s cybersecurity department, is looking for the best technologies and management systems to provide enhanced digital security to businesses and deliver 24/7 security solutions. For this, the department wants to develop a solution that provides a distinctive way to manage the threat detection strategy roadmap, creating a differentiator for its Managed Security Services (MSS), and enhancing its advanced threat detection capabilities.

Automate the review and risk analysis process of legal documents.
The Legal department of Prosegur wants to optimise the review of all the documents managed by the area through a tool that issues a legal risk assessment report for each of the texts analysed. This assessment, which would be supervised by a lawyer, would be sent automatically to the applicant, who could, based on this report, proceed with negotiations and/or change terms and conditions.