Prosegur earns a place in the top ten of the Financial Times’

Madrid, January 9th 2024 – In a major achievement consolidating its role as a global benchmark for diversity in the field of private security, Prosegur has been included in the Financial Times’ "Diversity Leaders 2024" ranking. This prestigious recognition reaffirms Prosegur's commitment and leadership in diversity and inclusion practices, fundamental pillars of its management strategy for a global workforce of more than 160,000 people.

Ranked ninth among the 39 companies in the 'Business Services and Supplies' category, Prosegur is well ahead of its direct competitors, Brinks, ranked 32nd, and Securitas 34th. This achievement consolidates Prosegur as the leading company in the private security sector to be classified as a "Diversity Leader 2024".

The Financial Times ranking, carried out in collaboration with the market research company Statista, was based on an exhaustive assessment of more than 100,000 employees from leading European companies who evaluated the diversity and inclusion policies and practices of their employers. Unlike previous editions, these interviews accounted for 70% of the final score, complemented by three objective indicators: the percentage of women in management positions, pro-diversity initiatives and the diversity score of Denominator, the leading provider of data-driven solutions for promoting transparency in Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI). The final list highlights only the 850 top-rated companies, placing Prosegur in 283rd position. 

Welcoming the achievement, Juan Luís Martín, Global Human Resources Director at Prosegur, said: "Being part of the 'Diversity Leaders 2024' list is an honor that reflects our dedication to creating a work environment where every person feels valued. At Prosegur, diversity and inclusion are more than policies, they are the essence of our corporate culture."

With a workforce of more than 160,000 employees, Prosegur has integrated diversity as a core value in its labor management. Currently, 21% of the company's workforce is represented by women, exceeding the industry average. During 2023, the company carried out significant initiatives such as Empowered Women, Tecnnovation Girls and Target Gender Equality, aimed at strengthening the participation and development of female talent. In addition, Prosegur's commitment to diversity and inclusion is reflected in tangible actions such as the Aprocor-Prosegur Special Employment Center, which since 2007 has been offering meaningful job opportunities to people with intellectual disabilities.

In conclusion, Juan Luís Martín commented: "This recognition reaffirms Prosegur's commitment to diversity and inclusion, highlighting concrete actions that reflect its positive impact on both the company and society.”