ESG Prosegur y Prosegur Cash R

Madrid, April 20, 2023 - Prosegur and Prosegur Cash reaffirm their commitment to the environment and global decarbonization with a new CO2 emissions compensation project in Brazil. This initiative aligns with the company's purpose of promoting neutrality and adapting to the social and environmental needs of the country. With this program, the company compensates for CO2 emissions equivalent to those generated by their operations in Europe, Central, and North America.

This groundbreaking project focuses on compensating for emissions through the generation of 100% renewable energy at the União dos Ventos Wind Farm Complex, located in Rio Grande do Norte state in Brazil. By supporting this infrastructure, Prosegur and Prosegur Cash contribute to local sustainability through the production of renewable electricity that comes from low-impact environmental wind farms. The initiative also enables the development of energy security and a more diverse electricity mix, as well as promoting technical training and employment in these areas. It is expected that the project will reduce more than 250,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

Antonio Rubio, Secretary-General of the Prosegur Group, said, "At Prosegur and Prosegur Cash, sustainability is a crucial area. Therefore, we continue to work towards achieving the highest efficiency in all our operations and activities. Meanwhile, this project represents another opportunity for us to support the development of a more sustainable and safer world".

The compensation plan is one of several initiatives that the company is working on. The transition to a circular economy, waste reduction, and decarbonization are key priorities of the Prosegur Group's Sustainability Master Plan. Additionally, it is noteworthy that Prosegur and Prosegur Cash were the first large private security organizations to join The Climate Pledge initiative to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, the deadline set in the Paris Agreement.

These actions reflect Prosegur and Prosegur Cash's commitment to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which form an integral part of the company's strategy. All activities are integrated into the Sustainability Master Plan, a strategic roadmap that covers fundamental pillars such as the environment, people, safe work, ethics, transparency, and governance.