foretica np

Madrid, 25 October 2021.– Prosegur has signed an agreement to become a partner of Forética, the leading organisation in sustainability and corporate social responsibility in Spain, with the aim of continuing to develop alliances that help to accelerate the transition process towards a more sustainable model.

Antonio Rubio, General Secretary of Prosegur, explains that "we are proud to be part of an organisation that shares our values of commitment and responsibility to society. Prosegur, as a benchmark company in private security, has the obligation to raise current standards in the sector and make the world a fairer, more egalitarian, greener and more resilient place. We are committed to minimising the impact our business has on the environment and to driving economic and social development in all the regions where we operate".

This year, the company approved its Sustainability Master Plan, which is structured into four main areas of action: ethics, transparency and governance; environment; people and safe work. Together there are 63 concrete initiatives for which the company has defined a set of detailed indicators that allow it to measure their impact and progress. Each pillar is further broken down into five areas of action with initiatives and objectives to be pursued during the 21-23 Strategic Plan determined by the different departments that make up the company.

In addition, Prosegur has established a Sustainability Committee, led by members of the Management Committee, whose main task is to define the objectives, action plans and practices of the company in this area. With the creation of this body, sustainability has become a priority line of action for Prosegur.

Germán Granda, Managing Director of Forética, explains: “The incorporation of Prosegur into our network of more than 200 partners represents a concrete commitment to the path mapped out by Forética in sustainability, focused on three axes: increasing business ambition, accelerating action and leveraging partnerships to respond to the environmental, social and governance challenges we urgently need to tackle”.

Prosegur has communicated its commitment to carbon neutrality by 2040, i.e. ten years ahead of the Paris Agreement. In this regard, it became the first security group in the world to join The Climate Pledge, an initiative developed by Amazon and Global Optimism in the fight against climate change. The company has embarked on an ambitious CO2 emissions offsetting project which, in terms of scale and objectives, is a pioneer in the sector. The plan starts with the offsetting of the footprint generated by operations in Europe and will be gradually extended to the other geographies in the coming years.

Prosegur also believes that human capital is a crucial asset for driving growth and guaranteeing the sustainability of the business. The company thus adopts an active position in the protection, respect and concern for making Human Rights effective, promoting inclusive growth, the reduction of inequality in the environments in which it operates and the generation of decent employment for all.