Prosegur appoints María Fernández de Córdoba as new general director of Avos Tech

Madrid, January 30th 2024.- The Prosegur Group has announced the appointment of María Fernández de Córdoba as General Manager of AVOS Tech, a major step forward in its approach to innovation and growth. AVOS Tech improves business processes through in-house solutions and the use of AI. In her new position, Fernández de Córdoba will consolidate AVOS Tech as a key partner in its clients’ digital transformation, working towards the creation of an integrated platform based on cutting-edge technology services and solutions.

At the same time, she will focus on expanding and deepening the company's 'As a Service' solutions to optimize business processes in sectors such as banking, insurance, real estate and utilities. Her strategy will include accelerating the transformation of AVOS Tech’s business model, as well as integrating advanced technological innovations in its products and services. Fernández de Córdoba's experience and strategic vision will be fundamental to AVOS Tech's evolution towards a more integrated and efficient platform, positioning it as a leader in digital transformation and provider of high-value technology solutions.

With a degree in Economics and Finance from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, María Fernández de Córdoba has an outstanding career in the technology and corporate sector. She has held key roles in companies such as Telefónica, Microsoft Latin America and Latam Airlines Group, demonstrating exceptional competence in sales, business development and strategic leadership, notably in the field of digital transformation. In addition, she continues her work as an advisor to startups and entrepreneurs, consolidating her track record in innovation and business strategy. 

With an eye on its Strategic Plan 2024-2027, the Prosegur Group is preparing to boost the growth and profitability of its five business lines (Cash, Security, Alarms, AVOS Tech and Cipher).

“The appointment of María Fernández de Córdoba reaffirms our commitment to technological innovation and transformation, leveraging a differential value proposition to meet the needs of our customers. I believe working with them on their business challenges will provide mutual benefits while accelerating our business growth,” said Jaime Ron, CEO of Prosegur Tech.