Avos Tech continues revolutionizing the market with Sisnet 360: an innovative cloud-based service model

Madrid, January 18th, 2024.- The latest version of AVOS Tech's SISnet 360, the market-leading insurance core, introduces significant improvements in performance and security, based on an innovative cloud-based underwriting model. This release is characterized by the optimization of the data model for Azure SQL and the continued evolution of differential technology features such as cross-platform and multi-database capabilities.

The 'Zero Code' paradigm transforms SISnet 360 into an essentially configurable solution designed to simplify and refine the management of insurers by organizing the components of their ecosystem into structured and fully traceable configuration packages. Furthermore, the simulation tools in SISnet 360 have been reinforced with the integration of 'Zero Code' logic which when configuring the input data makes it possible to simultaneously set up the 'Zero Code' adapter to manage virtual structures in the processing rules.

The innovations incorporated in Version 14 of SISnet are focused on streamlining process management and enriching the functionalities that AVOS Tech brings to the insurance industry. Among the new features is a new feature that redefines the commercial product in group underwriting, giving insurers greater flexibility in the design of their offers. SISnet 360 continues its development to implement the EIAC Settlements standard within the core, a key element in communication between brokers and companies. In addition, since version 14, the complete agenda module has been incorporated into the decoupled model, along with the complete receipt query and advanced search engines for receipts, policies and quotes.

With the growth of SISnet 360 in Latin America, a fundamental step towards the internationalization of the insurance core has been initiated through the implementation of the 'country layer'. This feature adapts SISnet 360 to each region at different levels, including country standards, regulatory layer, insurance standards and specific aspects of lines of business, allowing implementation in Chile and the rest of Latin America.

Elena Zueco, CEO of SISnet, explains: "The new version of SISnet 360 integrates all the operational, efficiency and flexibility advantages of the cloud service model. Our goal at AVOS Tech is to guarantee a secure, efficient and innovative service that allows our clients to operate their companies at the highest level.