How Avos Tech’s intelligent Virtual Coordinator is further improving customer service

Madrid, March 13, 2024.- AVOS Tech has launched an innovative Virtual Coordinator for Prosegur’s Contesta telephone contact center. Part of the ProContactCX multi-channel technology platform, the Virtual Coordinator is a next-level solution, offering a series of competitive and technological advantages that keep Contesta at the forefront of customer services.

ProContactCX centralizes and optimizes all Contesta contact with customers, facilitating the unified management of conversations from different channels in a single queue, thus increasing operational efficiency. By effectively managing communications through phone, email, social media, webchat, and APIs, it opens up new opportunities to realize the value of information received, maximizing the occupancy of operators and reducing their reaction time. In turn, the new Virtual Coordinator, developed with Microsoft Azure OpenAI technology, assists agents by using advanced language models, increasing their confidence in the management of the service process. 

As Nera González, Director of Development and Innovation at AVOS Tech, explains: "The Virtual Coordinator is a significant advance in how we interact with our users. It's designed to enrich the user experience without interfering with the agent's workspace. Through an unobtrusive widget, the Virtual Coordinator is activated to listen to and process customer interactions, facilitating accurate responses that the agent can handle at their discretion."

This development is the result of the company's continuous improvement process in collaboration with technology partner Avantgarde IT. It offers numerous benefits for agents, including an increase in trust, a reduction in the customer service workload, while speeding up new employees’ learning curve. From a customer security standpoint, the AI behind the Virtual Coordinator ensures the protection of user information through a meticulous data collection and analysis process, delivering accurate answers without compromising customer privacy.

What’s more, the Virtual Coordinator has already proven its value by identifying and correcting inconsistencies in information sources thanks to the use of generative AI. In the long term, this technology is expected to not only reduce average call times, but to help agents minimize potential human error. This launch marks the beginning of a series of continuous improvements to Contesta's technology solutions, keeping up with technological innovation.