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Madrid, 2 June 2022. Prosegur is renewing its emissions offsetting plan, which began in 2021, by supporting the Punta Palmeras Wind Farm project in Chile, which has the capacity to produce clean energy for around 60,000 homes. The output of this farm prevents the emission into the atmosphere of 119.000 tons of CO2 by coal-fired power plants and the import of some 215,000 barrels of oil to generate the same energy.

With this initiative, whose scale and objectives make it groundbreaking in the sector, the company succeeds in offsetting the equivalent CO2 emissions generated by its operations in Europe. In this way, Prosegur and Prosegur Cash reaffirm their commitment to sustainability, a crucial area for the company, whose objectives include making the world a fairer, more equal, greener and more resilient place.

In this regard, Antonio Rubio, General Secretary of Prosegur, says "the company incorporates the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations into its strategy, through the transformation of its businesses and by making all of its operations and activities more efficient. But at Prosegur we want to go one step further, as we see in this area an opportunity for growth, dialogue and creating a competitive edge to support the transformation towards a sustainable global society. This is why we have joined other major companies in signing up to The Climate Pledge, which aims to achieve carbon neutrality in 2040, ten years earlier than stipulated in the Paris Agreement".

The compensation plan is one of the various initiatives that Prosegur is working on with regard to sustainability and that are integrated under the Sustainability Master Plan. This strategic roadmap is based on four cornerstones: the environment; people; safe work; and ethics, transparency and governance.

Within the environmental sphere, various initiatives are being established to further reduce emissions. These include endeavours in the areas of energy efficiency, green energy, the circular economy and sustainable mobility. Specific notable projects include the installation of photovoltaic solar panels in Prosegur Cash's offices in Brazil, which cover 70% of its annual energy demand with self-generated solar energy; the efficient lighting project to reduce total energy consumption by 5%; and the creation of an innovative project to develop an armoured lorry that can be powered by alternative fuels.

Likewise, Prosegur and Prosegur Cash are striving to ensure that their energy consumption comes from renewable sources. This is a goal that the company has already achieved in Spain, where it has obtained certification that 100% of its energy comes from renewable sources.