Resultados DDHH

Madrid, December 15, 2021.– Prosegur has scored 4.2 out of 5 for scope of coverage in its control environment. The conclusions of the study, conducted by the consulting firm KPMG between June and September 2021, confirm the company's maturity in the area of protection of and respect for human rights and the promises set out in its Corporate Policy for the Protection of and Respect for Human Rights.

The company systematically manages its due diligence based on the continuous improvement cycle method. This innovative approach allows Prosegur to identify potential risks in terms of human rights violations that apply to the different lines of business and geographies in which it operates. It also shows opportunities for improvement in preventing and mitigating possible negative impacts on human rights.

Since 2018, on a voluntary basis and in anticipation of planned European regulations, the company has conducted an external review of its due diligence management in the area of human rights. Prosegur has fulfilled its promise to conduct this review periodically -every three years- as an additional way of monitoring its management systems. Prosegur conducted this review for the second time in 2021. Since the previous due diligence procedure, the company has already implemented 67% of the 49 recommendations that were issued and another 27% are currently in progress.

To write the report, five countries were selected to be reviewed as a sample: Brazil, Spain, United States, Paraguay and Peru. The potential risks in terms of violation of the Human Rights that apply in the different lines of business were also identified. These were then linked to Prosegur's Human Rights Policy and the affected stakeholders.

The goals of this report include:

  • Updating risk maps by country and sector to determine the inherent risk resulting from a possible violation of human rights.
  • Determining the level of maturity of the mechanisms, procedures and controls currently established at the global and local level for each of the countries and lines of business.
  • Reviewing the status of the recommendations from the 2018 human rights due diligence process and checking Prosegur's progress.
  • Establishing recommendations, measures to be implemented and drive opportunities across sectors and in each country.

Human Rights at Prosegur

Prosegur, a leading company in the private security sector, plays an active role in respecting and safeguarding Human Rights, and ensuring they are upheld. The due diligence process is part of the company's Corporate Policy for the Protection of and Respect for Human Rights, based on compliance with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Juan Luis Martín, Global Human Resources Director at Prosegur, explains: "At Prosegur we intend to make the world a safer place, but also a fairer place. The company is fully committed to providing a dignified, safe and healthy work environment for Prosegur's 150,000+ workers around the world. Every three years we proactively carry out this report, to identify the processes or elements we need to improve, as well as those we need to keep".

The Human Rights Policy is applied to all subsidiaries, activities and business lines of Prosegur Compañía de Seguridad, S.A., in all countries where it operates. In addition, this document is constantly evolving through its different development policies, including the ones approved or revised in 2021: Diversity and Inclusive Growth Policy, Working Conditions and Social Dialogue Policy, Occupational Safety and Health Policy, among others. The Governing and Management Bodies are responsible for leading, disseminating and promoting compliance with these policies among all employees and stakeholders.