Planeta Limpio R

Madrid, 14 June, 2022 – The Clean Planet environmental education programme, promoted by the Prosegur Foundation in collaboration with LEGO® Education, has concluded the first two phases of its 5th edition by announcing the winners of the Network Challenge among the 18 participating schools in the provinces of Soria, Palencia and Zamora.

A total of 2,000 students, aged between 8 and 12, took part in this initiative that seeks to make new generations aware of the correct management of waste and the problems caused by deforestation. In their classrooms, and through robotics and programming, they became engineers for a day to carry out various environmental missions, with the help of robots and the aim of caring for our forests.

Once the in-person workshops were over, the students tackled the "Network Challenge" phase in teams. In this stage of the programme, they must detect problems in their environment and propose innovative solutions to care for our planet. The different proposals were published on the project website and a jury chose the most creative solution. In this edition, the winners stood out for their original and sustainable prototypes.

In Soria, the winners were the creators of a robot that cares for the environment and disposes of rubbish, powered by solar panels. In Palencia, the winning solution imagines surveillance cameras installed in trees that can detect fires and, at the same time, activate sprinklers that dispense water and seeds to repopulate the affected area. Finally, in Zamora the winner was the "water robot", which cleans the sea of waste, is powered by renewable energies and filters the water before returning it to its natural environment. 

In this way, the students have learned to care for their environment while developing 21st century skills such as working collaboratively, problem solving and critical thinking.

To conclude the project, Clean Planet will carry out awareness-raising activities in July open to the general public in these cities.