We continue working to make the world a safer place

We are by your side

Our aim is to make the world a safer place. And this is now more meaningful than ever. That’s why we’re staying by your side, protecting the things most important to you.


Proud of our staff

We are proud of our staff, who are working tirelessly to keep everyone protected. So this round of applause is for all of them.

United We'll overcome

Security guards from different companies pay homage to healthcare workers and all hospital staff for their extraordinary hard work.

We are committed

Our commitment to Private Security remains in tact, with the creation of safe spaces. We are working together with security forces of the State and organisations to keep protecting hospitals, transport facilities, food distribution centres, critical infrastructure and more. 

This work has received great recognition, which has brought us comfort and inspired us to continue ensuring the protection and well-being of millions of people. 

National Police Force

The Chief Commissioner and Deputy Director of Operations of the Spanish Police Force, Jose Ángel González, acknowledges the work of private security services.

COVID FREE Innovation Challenge

How can we help create and ensure safe and Covid19 free workplaces?

Business as usual

We are continuing to work for people’s safety, monitoring our customers’ assets, ensuring cash is supplied to banks, businesses and ATMs, and protecting the hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses that use our alarm systems. All thanks to the extraordinary work and commitment of our team of over 160,000 professionals.

Our measures

We permanently carry out information campaigns among employees on basic hygiene measures to prevent contact. In addition, we promote, through the Prosegur Foundation, the participation of our employees in initiatives to support those affected by COVID19.

Elaboration of a specific Human Rights Policy, following the recommendation that emerged in the due diligence process, whose approval and publication is expected throughout 2020.

For roles where it is not possible to work from home, we have put contingency plans in place to safeguard the health and safety of our staff. In addition to all of these measures, we have compartmentalised our teams to ensure that services can continue in any scenario.

At Prosegur we have reinforced the cleaning and disinfection of the facilities and have ensured that, in those work centers that remain operational, the minimum recommended distance between each position is maintained.

In line with the measures outlined above, and to prevent our employees being exposed to COVID-19, we have cancelled all business travel around the world.