Prosegur Security around the World

We have a presence in 14 countries, and our aim is to offer services with a high level of added value. To achieve this, we adapt global best practices to match the unique nature of each market, in a highly regulated sector for which legislation varies from country to country.

Prosegur Research: Trends & Insights

Prosegur Research is our space for analysis and reflection on the present and future of security. We want to share our experiences, produce knowledge supported by internal and external experts, and contribute to the diffusion of security culture.

Through regular reports, we will approach issues related to security from different areas such as innovation, technology, environment or crime, as well as the impact of these issues on companies and different sectors of economic activity.

Prosegur Connect

Our real-time security information and intelligence service aims to provide value to our customers. It is a lever that facilitates decision-making and empowers your business.

Through Prosegur Connect we provide valuable information about your security services, as well as your internal business processes. Thanks to data analysis, we are able to continuously improve the security of our customers, ensuring the continuity of their business and increasing its intelligence.