Prosegur unveils its latest security innovation at the Mutua Madrid Open

Yellow takes to the court again to protect the Mutua Madrid Open​

At Prosegur Security, we continue to develop our Hybrid Security model, where technology complements and amplifies the capabilities of our team in the field and allows us to establish a more efficient and effective security program. Thanks to Yellow, our intelligent robot dog, we managed to improve the security experience for all attendees of the Mutua Madrid Open.​

The objective:​ to increase security

As part of our commitment to become the reference in innovation in our sector, we present our security plan for the Mutua Madrid Open tournament being held from Monday, April 24 to May 7 at La Caja Mágica (The Magic Box) in Madrid.​

In order to offer a service that guarantees the well-being of more than 300,000 attendees, Prosegur and the Mutua Madrid Open have committed themselves to being a reference in their sectors through innovation for another year. Yellow is once again present in the tournament's security system, which has a team of more than 300 professionals and is organized around three security rings, from the outer perimeter to the interior.​


Yellow is a robotic K9 security officer that we have enhanced with artificial intelligence using our GenzAI platform.

Event Security​

Whether it is a sporting, cultural or institutional event, the security plan requires a specialized team and a tailor-made action plan to keep any situation under control.​

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