Prosegur in the US

Prosegur has arrived in the American market! We bring the expertise of a multinational listed company with over 40 years of global experience, combined with the strong capabilities of our recently merged companies. With a leading presence in the Latin-American markets including Brazil and Mexico and solid delivery capabilities in the Continental United States we can offer the full scope of truly Integrated Security Solutions

And now, we can proudly say we are here for serve to you!


 Prosegur strengthened its market position with the acquisition of highly experienced, motivated and delivery focused companies in the last year:





   Prosegur INTEGRA, your tailor made Security Solution.   


Our DNA as an Enterprise Risk Management Company, delivering the most innovative Security Solutions in different industries all over the world, is the key of the INTEGRA philosophy success.

A full Enterprise Risk Analysis for each client is the starting point. A solution is then designed that focuses on Business Continuity, Assets and People protection. This solution is an efficient combination of all Security elements that provides an effective, high-end, innovative, tailor made Security Solution.

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