Your Privacy Protected Online

Store all your important files and passwords in one high secure location and access them anywhere and at any time. Try the SecureSafe experience for free.

Access anywhere, anytime

Enjoy instant access to your SecureSafe from your iPad, iPhone or Android phone. Whether you’re at home, at the office or on the go, you will never lose touch with your important data.


Why should I activate data inheritance?

Ever wondered what is going to happen to your digital assets, when you have passed away? With our data inheritance function, SecureSafe lets you pass on essential digital assets to your loved ones and ensure that they won’t be denied access to valuable information should something happen to you. Set up one or more beneficiaries and decide which specific data your beneficiaries will inherit.



The access management for members in the Team-Spaces is simple and flexible, allowing you to have total control over sensitive data. As an administrator, you can assign different roles to each team member from the settings tab of the existing Team-Spaces. For example, you can now invite members to view files online, but not download them.



Today’s digitalized world makes it more essential than ever to protect your vital business data from hackers, competitors and unforeseen accidents. With SecureSafe you choose Swiss bank level security for your business files, without compromising the ease of use or flexibility that your business needs to get things done.