You´ve been lucky this time. 

In the case of talking about a real "phishing" attack, you would have risked Prosegur´s information, and your data could have been compromised.

You should keep an eye on the following things to be sure about the veracity of the e-mail:

  • Writing (verify the writing style, language, writing mistakes, translation mistakes, grammar, etc.)

  • Source (sender)

  • Fake links

  • Credential request

How should you react?

If you are not sure about the safeness of the e-mail, please contact Information Security department::


1. Select or open the message you wish to report. DO NOT OPEN any files or click on any links within the potentially malicious email message.


2. Click the Message tab. In the Respond section, click More > Forward as Attachment to create a new message with the SPAM message as an attachment.


3. Enter in the To: field of the new message window.


4. Click Send.


After forwarding it to us, we will take care of it.


¡Thank you very much!

Information Security Department.