We continue working to make the world a safer place

We are by your side

Our aim is to make the world a safer place. And this is now more meaningful than ever. That’s why we’re staying by your side, protecting the things most important to you.


Proud of our staff

We are proud of our staff, who are working tirelessly to keep everyone protected. So this round of applause is for all of them.

United We'll overcome

Security guards from different companies pay homage to healthcare workers and all hospital staff for their extraordinary hard work.

We are committed

Our commitment to Private Security remains in tact, with the creation of safe spaces. We are working together with security forces of the State and organisations to keep protecting hospitals, transport facilities, food distribution centres, critical infrastructure and more. 

This work has received great recognition, which has brought us comfort and inspired us to continue ensuring the protection and well-being of millions of people. 

National Police Force

The Chief Commissioner and Deputy Director of Operations of the Spanish Police Force, Jose Ángel González, acknowledges the work of private security services.

Business as usual

We are continuing to work for people’s safety, monitoring our customers’ assets, ensuring cash is supplied to banks, businesses and ATMs, and protecting the hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses that use our alarm systems. All thanks to the extraordinary work and commitment of our team of over 160,000 professionals.

Our measures

Main Prosegur services have been declared to be essential services. In this extremely complex scenario, our teams are playing a key role and providing service to a wide range of sectors. Indeed some of these are critical, such as the health infrastructure, logistics centres and food distribution chains.

To safeguard the health and safety of our employees, we at Prosegur have put a series of organisational and health measures in place, among which the following are particularly noteworthy:

  • Prioritising working from home: All those posts where this proves viable are working in this way. Where it is not viable on account of the post in question, contingency plans have been activated to protect the health of our professionals.
  • Adapting work centres: We have installed beaconing and signposting devices and put up posters at our facilities; we have established capacity control mechanisms; we have increased cleaning and disinfecting measures; and, moreover, masks and social distancing are now compulsory.
  • Boosting communication: At Prosegur we have further bolstered our communication channels with the different stakeholders with whom we engage. Particularly, we have reinforced internal communication with our employees. Among other actions taken, we send regular reminders containing basic hygiene recommendations and measures, we repeatedly call attention to the new protocols, we are doing surveys and, in fine, we have established a fluid dialogue between the company and our employees.

Maintaining service quality and excellence for our customers throughout the health crisis has become a key mission. We at Prosegur are ready to tackle these situations by rolling out our business continuity plans. Thanks to the anticipation and extraordinary commitment of our team, we have ensured service continuity for our customers at all times. An even more important undertaking, bearing in mind that our activities pertain to an essential sector for society.

At Prosegur we work to make the world a safer place. A purpose that becomes critical in contexts of uncertainty such as that which has been caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. And for that very reason, we are convinced that our business units, each in its particular area, greatly contribute to the development of society.

Prosegur Cash ensures the supply and availability of cash, an essential means of payment for many groups. Prosegur Alarms looks after the safety of thousands of families in their homes and employers in their businesses. And Prosegur Security guarantees the normal pursuits of our customers.

Beyond our daily activities, we have made our capacities and infrastructure available to the authorities to help contribute to relieving the effects of the pandemic.

Worthy of particular mention is the use of armoured vans to transport equipment and medication in several countries; the supply of personal protection equipment to children’s schools within the framework of our “Piecitos Colorados” project in Argentina; several donations of material to the Colombian army; the transfer of people in armoured units to reunite them with their families; or the carrying of bono rural and bono universal benefits to the remotest corners of Peru.

Likewise, through the auspices of our Prosegur Foundation we have fostered the involvement of our employees in support initiatives for those affected by COVID-19.

All of these actions, which complement our daily endeavour, make us enormously proud of the over 160,000 people who, day in, day out, represent the very best of Prosegur worldwide.

We at Prosegur are convinced that we must play an active role in returning our customers to normality.

Today, our commitment to innovation and transformation of the sector is bearing fruit in the application of new solutions based on the latest technological developments. We are, therefore, ready to face up to the new reality and have the strength required to accompany our customers in the generation of spaces of trust.

People are important to us at Prosegur and, hand-in-hand with our customers, we are working to safeguard the health and safety of their employees.