Whistleblowing channel

What is the Whistleblower Channel?

Our work in Prosegur aims to give the best service in the best possible working environment and always under a strict Code of Ethics and Conduct. We have therefore created the Whistleblower Channel.

The purpose of this channel is to detect irregular or inappropriate behaviour in the Company and we therefore encourage employees, customers or any person in contact with our services to talk to us and send us their suggestions. All messages will be studied and will help us to improve.

If your communication is related to Prosegur Cash or to the people or the activities developed by Prosegur Cash, you can contact through the Whistleblowing Channel of the Prosegur Cash website http://www.prosegurcash.com or by clicking here.

How do I send a report message?

Please give all of the details of the matter that concerns you or your suggestion in this box. Try to be as specific as you can with the names or departments, people, documents, policies, places, dates and times, etc.

To attach a document, click on the Browse button and then on open. If you want to protect your identity, please make sure all personal information has been deleted from the attachments.

Thank you.


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