How can we manage the cash collected at Smartcash units more efficiently?


Prosegur SmartCash products are automated cash management machines with which customers can make cash deposits (of both coins and banknotes). They are installed on customers’ premises, within their own back office. There are currently thousands of SmartCash units deployed in the various countries where Prosegur Cash has operations.

The money deposited in SmartCash is collected in a common bag placed inside the machine without any sort of classification, since it would be extremely expensive to place this type of mechanism in each SmartCash unit.

All the money collected from the SmartCash units is further managed at our Cash Counting and Management Centre, where the money is manually separated and classified, which takes a lot of time and is not cost effective.

But this is not the only bottleneck in the process. There is another problem caused by the use of randomic locks in the SmartCash Unit.

The use of randomic locks entails not only a hefty investment, but also a dependency on a remote key generator system, which is necessary to open the lock. Any problem (communications failure, error with the computer system, etc.) in the system would block the opening of the lock while the problem lasts, requiring a contingency measure.

We are looking for innovative solutions that will allow us:

  • 1- to make the task of separating and classifying cash (essentially banknotes) more efficient, aside from using professional machines, which perform this task but are costly.
  • 2.- to access the SmartCash’s contents with maximum security. The solution should include a contingency for system failures and entail a lower cost than the current randomic lock solutions.