Buy, feel and manage all our products and services without human interaction


While choosing, selecting, installing, configuring and using a home alarm system, our clients will interact with various company employees

  • The sales assistant that provides information about the product range and service options.
  • After signing the contract, clients contact a call centre to arrange an appointment with the installation technician.
  • The technician installs the alarm system and cameras and calls the ARC* to validate the installation.
  • For any issue, incident or question, users can contact a call centre. Initially, an assistant will validate the client’s identity through a personal PIN code that only the client knows. Afterwards, the assistant will give support and instructions about the alarm’s operation and configuration or any other technical or commercial issue that the client rises. If the problem cannot be solved over the phone, an appointment with a maintenance technician is then made.
  • To modify the contract or get new services, users have to contact a sales assistant again.

*Alarm Receiving Center

The use of new technologies could make these processes more agile and flexible, thus helping to improve the user experience. Moreover, introducing new technologies can lead to additional innovative services for our clients or to automate the way the security systems operate, avoiding any human interaction.

Prosegur Alarms is looking for innovative solutions specially designed to:

  • automate the authentication and identity of the person who contacts Prosegur Alarms by phone.
  • automate the assistance to our clients given by Prosegur Alarms call centres
  • automate connecting and disconnecting alarm systems without human interaction