Prosegur counts on you to design the future of security

The program

1. What is COME IN?


COME IN is an exciting opportunity to embark on the world of global security, cash management, alarms and cybersecurity alongside a global security leader. We are looking for entrepreneurs who have developed innovative solutions to address future security challenges.

2. What are we looking for?

If you are an entrepreneur from any corner of the world, if your aim is to grow on a global scale, if your team have at least 3 members and if you have a functional product that can address any of the five challenges outlined here, then COME IN!.

3. What are we offering?

The start-ups selected will sign a four-month contract to work on the improvement of your product and demo. In addition, in this process you will have the opportunity to collaborate with our Business Units and our customers. And, if the pilot tests are successful, then this will be the beginning of a long-lasting friendship 😊. We invite you to know more about us.

4. Why do we launch COME IN?

Because we know that collaborating with you we can achieve incredible goals. That’s why we open Prosegur’s doors to the talent and creativity of startups. With a commitment to support you in the development of new products, give you access to a potential market of 25 countries and establish lasting and beneficial mutual relationships.

5. Participate

Sign up by June 15th, by clicking on this link.

In a first stage, applications will be evaluated by 2 different Selection Committees.
If you are selected in this first phase, we will contact you in June, so that you can tell us more about your idea.
In September, the 15 finalist projects will be invited to present their solutions at our headquarters in Madrid to an audience made up of leaders in innovation, Prosegur Venture Capital managers, and Business Units´ representatives. 5 winners will be selected from among them to work closely with the Business Units to develop a fully commercial product.

Check the rules and conditions here and contact us if you have any questions.

Prosegur launches COME IN, our open innovation program to work together to create the next generation of security products.

The challenges

Join us!