3P Management System

The 3P Management System is the formal management framework for all the employees in the company's different businesses and support areas.

The 3P System, acronym for Prosegur Policies and Processes, has a common part with a global scope that is applicable to any geography or business. These are complemented with specific policies and processes for each business and country, as a reflection of its activity and of legal requirements and of applicable customers in each market.

The 3P system allows us to have internal rules and a common language for services and processes. It makes it easier to standardise and provide services focussed on meeting the required quality level and also to efficiently manage resources and continually improve processes.

The main elements of the 3P system include:

  • 3P Policies. They establish internal policies or rules of play. Amongst the policies established with a global scope are those that relate to customer relationships, quality, corporate responsibility, health and safety at work, environmental management, financial reporting policies and control of reliability of financial information, amongst others.
  • Systems for measuring customer experience. Our way of doing things includes managing the customer experience. Therefore, we analyse and make decisions on improvement using results of customer satisfaction and recommendation (NPS index or the difference between the percentage of promoters and detractors). We use global tools such as Right Now, Intrack and CEM to obtain information continuously, detect opportunities for improvement and act rapidly. Likewise, we measure internal customer satisfaction to guide our improvement efforts with regard to services provided by the support areas for the teams in the different businesses.
  • Systems for facilitating management and improvement of processes. We focus on the effective and efficient management of our processes. 3P puts special emphasis on documenting the key processes for each business in a “simple” and “practical” way, and promotes the use of process indicators by business teams, making it easier to monitor and comply with established service standards. Risk analysis for the key processes promotes the adoption of measures of control and actions that confer the appropriate solidity to the processes.
  • Excellence in customer service. Agility and efficiency or response capacity is key to our relationship with the customer and is highly interiorised in the Prosegur teams in the different businesses. 3P reflects the continual evolution of processes and excellence in customer service. We measure the agility and efficiency of both the response to customer requests and the management of complaints and claims.
  • Continuous Improvement. 3P is a true reflection of our commitment and actions relating to innovation and improvement, and provides a framework or benchmark for organising and supporting our efforts to improve towards what the customer needs and how to justify that need, assess the efficiency of the efforts made and sustain improvements achieved with the passage of time.



The 3P Management System is certified by external or independent entities to verify that Prosegur is complying with international and/or local standards and policy requirements. The aim of these certificates is to show the customer third-party proof that we comply with standards that are in their interest. The Management of each business with global or local scope determines —depending on the requirements transmitted to him or her by customers or the market— what certificates we should obtain. 

The international standards and policies that our 3P management system is certified for include: ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System, EN 16082 Airport and Aviation Security Services, ISO 27001 Information Security Management System, ISO 28001 Security Management System for the Supply Chain and OSHAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.